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If you have any question regarding purchase of Holiday Village Tatralandia please fill in the document and we will answer you.


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Some answered questions


Of course it is possible to take a mortgage in any bank. We also deal with bank selection to offer you ignificantly more convinient conditions. We recommend you to contact our estate agent to provide you complete information and collaboration.

The basic question we need to be answered is the type of purchase variant you are interested in. Each buyer can choose one of 4 purchase variants (A, B, C or D) For example at variant D the owner of recreational property does not pay anything (no costs for managing, maintainance or utilities-energy). Everything is paid by TMR, a.s.

If you decide for variant B or C, your question is in place. All costs for managing, maintainance or utilities-energy will be counted according real consumption within 8 months – from 1.10. to 31.5 and will be paid by the owner of the property.

 No, they remain ownership of HVT. However when purchasing the property the buyer gets rights for entry and crossing all HVT driveways as a vested real burden.   

In 2012 it was 44,43%. In summer it is markably higher than during other seasons.

Yes, they will be listed and TMR will set the deadline for the adjustment. 

Reception services include handing in client´s keys, check-in (sign in hotel system – under condition the client wants withdrawal vie chip on the hotel account) and check-out (sign out), taking and returning deposit, in case of cleaning the property by TMR as well as fixtures and fittings (otherwise it must be checked by a person entrusted by the owner).    

Yes, at the HVT reception will be all kinds of entrance tickets like at the main gate.  

One of the benefits when buying a cottage/en suite in HVT is that you 2 to 6 VIP CLUB cards or GOLD VIP CLUB as TMR, a.s. shareholder. This card entitles the owner and one of their guest to use all inclusive entrance to Tatralandia and Celtic sauna world free of charge.

Yes, the basic pricelist of cleaning service inclusive laundry (bed linen and towels) and other services we can send you via e-mail on request.

20% discount on 20 objects!

You can get 20% discount just on 20 objects cottages and apartments in Holiday Village Tatralandia. This incredible offer is valid until the transfer of the last selected object.
See the current price list.
Finf out more on kop@rkspirit.sk and +421 918 507 539 !