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The best investement!

Successful people always give certain energy and attention to their future and future of their offsprings. They often decide to invest their time, energy but first of all their money so that they ensure some securities. Some try to obtain returns from their investment followed by selling it, the others look for securities in terms of regular long-term income. Some invest in shares on stock market, some buy gold, others real estates. Taking into account the next generation, education seems to be a sound investment when used in practice.

In your opinion ..what should the best investment look like?

What return should a really good investement have? What risk do people take while investing? What investment ist the best one?

The most universal and maybe the most used rule in connection with investing is:

Diversify the risk! It means spread it out! For example in several industries or locations. Do not stake everything on a single card. Regardless how tempting the card appears!

Many people like to invest in real estates. These have several qualities that make them (in most cases) ideal investment. Let us have a look at the qualities:

    1. Originality, uniqueness – just the word estate means it is bound to a concrete land and so to concrete space.

    2. Their price increases with their age – If you disagree that not always and everywhere you are right. Like in any other business the market sets the price. The market is always about comparing offer and demand. However try to find out the value of your house 15, 10 or 5 years ago and you will get really interesting numbers!

    3. Possibility of having pretty decent rent (yield) – forwarding beneficial estate for some payment to the third person long-term as well as short-term within the scope of tourism.

    4. Very low risk. As compared with shares estate price will not fall down let´s say in 80% of acquired price. Estate value (comparing shares value) is set by its real technical, social and utility value. Of course it is not allowed to forget about the importance of location.

    5. Satisfies one of the basic human needs – living. Always it is better to invest in basic human needs.

Now try yourself to compare these qualities at different kinds of investment. What is the result? Are estates somewhere on higher ranks of your „investment chart“?

This webpage has the ambition to provide you possibilities of interesting financial investment in different sectors, mostly in estates. We believe to offer you exactly what brings you interesting appreciation of your capital.

Many customers of estate agency RK SPIRIT are regularly contacting us and asking for a tip to really interesting and sound investment in estates. I am honestly glad to introduce you a really profitable and exclusive investment. It is the purchase of a holiday cottage or a suite in HVT (Holiday Village Tatralandia), situated directly in the biggest all-season amusement park with accomodation in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland – Tatralandia. We prepared this investment in corporation with Tatry mountain Resorts, a.s. (TMR, a.s.).

Why should it be interesting just for you?

  1. Altogether 155 holiday cottages and suites are built on an absolutely perfect place, just a few metres from Aquapark Tatralandia visited throughout the year. Natural water reservoir as well as tourist centre Liptovská Mara is very close and gives to this location non-recurring scenery.
  2. Close location to Tatralandia will be (mostly for a target group of families with children) a very interesting quality, mostly because of posibility to use multiple entrance to Aquapark.
  3. Company TMR, a.s., depending on client´s chosen type of product, is commiting to pay yearly 5% of acquired price as a guaranteed return...and now just for 4 months in a year (from 1.6 to 30.9). Now I must honestly explain you who guarantees this return (yield)...TMR, a.s. is the strongest company running tourism in Slovakia. The company built up the most modern cable car in Europe (FUNITEL – for 140.000.000,- €). There has not been such great investment in Slovakia for about two decades. TMR, a.s. employs a lot of local people, also on management positions.
  4. Just the uniqueness of the location markably lowers any risks. Far-fetched we can say that buying a recreational building in Holiday Village Tatralandia is actually buying shares of a highly stable value compared to those classic ones...In principle your share will be the title deed of the purchased building (the building inclusive the appertaining land).
  5. TATRALANDIA has for ever changed Liptov region to a tourist site. Placing your investment just a few meters from Aquapark gives it fantastic competitive advantage to the others placed farther from this most attractive tourist site...and please have in mind that there will always be enough people taking it as the most ideal place for spending a family holiday. Just come and make yourselves believe it...

For those who do not know Holiday Village Tatralandia recreational properties thoroughly we point out basic info:

  • 155 recreational objetcs (12 flatted cottages, 53 bungallows and 90 two-floor suites
  • Here is the price list.
  • As the owner you can choose one of four benefits.


For more info and reservation do not hesitate and anytime just klick  here.


Mgr. Dušan Štric

Executive director RK SPIRIT

Cottages and apartments in Holiday Village Tatralandia on favorable terms again on sale!

See the current price list.

Find out more on reality@rkspirit.sk and +421 918 507 539.